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5 Common Mistakes Web & Graphic Designers Make

admin - March 14, 2019 - 0 comments

There are many factors that contribute to the perfect graphic design, there are some common mistakes that web & graphic designers must avoid, some of these are communication gap between the client and designers resulting in incomplete understanding of design brief, using too many different fonts, inappropriate layout, color combination and copying other designers idea.

All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.
– Winston Churchill

Let’s have look on these common mistakes in details:

1-Working without understanding a design brief

In Web & Graphic Design, the details are vital to guide a designer through the entire process, without a clear concept of what the customer wants you can turn out to be making topics complicated for yourself, without understanding client’s requirements you cannot work on an any project.

So you need to study and understand the brief carefully from the start, because a design brief will helps you to collect all of the information about your project.

2-Using the wrong typography & too many different fonts

Using the wrong & too many different fonts can end up a disaster and lead to the web & graphic designer needing to restart the work from scratch. A one Web & Graphic design project should contain a maximum two to three kind of fonts, using more than two to three fonts that could be a not unusual mistake and the final results appears complicated.

3-Bad layout design

If you are a Web & Graphic designer who specialty of Banner, Poster, Brochure & Flyer, Logo, website, business card, infographic and UI/UX design. And you have resume with a bad design seems to show that you are not capable of recognizing the design what looks good and what doesn’t. You can say which you have an amazing eye for element and realize the way to design a page, however don’t forget that your resume itself is simply an instance of a laid out web page.

4-Bad color combination

A few Web & Graphic Designers use too many colors or use bad color combination in their design, they think this looks good, but it genuinely doesn’t look good at all, when you make any design then try to pick 2 to 3 nice colors that would be used in your design, So pick the proper color combination and try to match the colors to your target audience.

5-Copying other designers idea

Originality is key as a Web & Graphic Designer, this is the most important mistake to copy the idea or design, unfortunately, is becoming more and more common, accumulating influences and inspiration is fine however directly copying different people’s idea of design is not. So keep your credibility and keep your design authentic.